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India’s first clinically proven NIBS wearable designed to improve brain health and treat depression without any side effects.
NIBS = Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation
CE certified technology
CE certified technology
FDA breakthrough technology
FDA breakthrough technology
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Backed by 20 years of research in leading universities
Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School
Maastricht university
Maastricht university
KING’S college london
KING’S college london
our 6 pillar approach towards
Holistic mental health care
Neurostimulation device that treats depression without the use of drugs and their side effects.
Weekly therapy sessions along with unlimited chat support designed to help you cope faster.
Access free on-demand doctor consultations whenever you need additional support.
Private sessions with nutritionists to create personalised diet plans tailored to improve your health.
Physical fitness
Accelerate your recovery with unlimited access to evidence based fitness and yoga routines.
Care Coaching
Unlimited access to a dedicated program coach who supports you in your program journey.

Join our 12 week program to get on the path back from depression.

88% Mavericks improved their mental health with our 12 week program, get started with your personalised program now.
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Shweta Dibakar
27, Major Depressive Disorder
I first experience depression when I was 23 and since then I tried anything and everything that doctors suggested. One doctor in Bangalore suggested me to try NIBS and it has honestly changed my life.
Image of Shweta Dibakar
Aditya Jain
32, Depression
I was struggling with depression and it was affecting my career. When my friend told me about this technology, I was skeptical that a device would solve my problem. But NIBS has given me my life back.
Image of Aditya Jain
Chetna Bhuyan
29, Post Partum Depression
I didn’t want to take antidepressants, so my doctor told me about NIBS. I noticed a significant improvement in my overall mood, energy, and symptoms after just 4-5 sessions with NIBS.
Image of Chetna Bhuyan
Shreyasi Gupta
38, Depression
My biggest problem was that medicines were causing lifestyle problems and I was losing my productivity at work. NIBS helped me improve without side effects, I am really thankful to their team.
Image of Shreyasi Gupta
Biswa Chakraborty
39, Depression & Anxiety
At first, talk therapy was helpful, but I soon stopped getting better. Then, my psychologist told me about Mave Health. Their team made a special program for me with NIBS, and it’s made my life much better.
Image of Biswa Chakraborty
Dheeraj Kumar
45, Depression & Anxiety
I visited my psychiatrist due to constant brain fog and I got to know that it was depression. The drowsiness and other side effects from the medication worsened my condition. NIBS helped me regain my focus & improve my life.
Image of Dheeraj Kumar
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Story of our Mavericks
Maverick 1
Improvement in depression score
Mavericks see 88% improvement in their depression score in 12 weeks.
Maverick 1
Mood improvement within first 21 days
65% Mavericks see mood & cognitive improvement in the first 21 days.
Maverick 1
Mavericks achieve remission in 12 weeks
By the end of 12 weeks, 72% achieve remission from depression.
What makes Mave stand apart
India′s first at-home neuro-therapy
Highly effective for symptom relief
Side-effect free treatment

what experts say

Dr. Alvaro PascuAl-Leone image

Dr. Alvaro PascuAl-Leone

Neurology Professor, Harvard Medical School

The neurotechnology and holistic program approach is promising and specially suitable for the working population that otherwise suffers from the harsh side effects of antidepressants. Neuro-modulation paired with adjunct treatments can accelerate outcomes for people who need them.
Shama Shah image

Shama Shah

Psychologist, 15+ years of experience

Many of my clients need additional support beyond psychotherapy for holistic care. However, they are reluctant to use antidepressants due to potential side effects. Recommending a portable and accessible device like this will support a faster recovery and aid the process of therapy, making it more possible for the clients to see clearer benefits from the efforts they put in.
Prof. Allan Young image

Prof. Allan Young

Chair of Mood Disorders, King’s College London

Major depression is undertreated throughout the world, and all of the currently widely used treatment modalities have significant limitations. The nature of this technology, being both effective and well tolerated, means that it is a treatment which may be widely adopted and should be a helpful intervention for many people suffering from major depression.

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Confused about what you struggle with?

Join our 12 week program to get on the path back from depression.

88% Mavericks improved their mental health with our 12 week program, get started with your personalised program now.
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