Why we started
In January 2023, we lost a dear friend to depression.

She was taking therapy and anti-depressants, both.
Which led us to ask:
What went wrong?
Why do current interventions fail?
How can it be better?
Why we started
We realized — mental healthcare in India has been neglected and underfunded for decades.

With an increasing number of individuals facing crippling mental health issues early in their lives, there is an urgent need to find effective alternatives to the traditional treatments.

We researched - the brain is the command centre of the human experience.

By acknowledging the interconnection between mental and physical health, and recognising the brain as the cornerstone of well-being, we're committed to exploring potential breakthrough brain-based therapies.

We aim to remedy the crisis through our unique wearable led programs that deliver better and faster results—and to far more people.

We use science-backed interventions to provide a holistic solution that integrates seamlessly into an individuals' lifestyle, without causing any inconvenience.

And this is how we’re creating the gold standard of mental health care.
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Our Team
Our multidisciplinary team brings deep experience in mental health, health care, and technology.
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Dhawal Jain
Founder & CEO
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Jai Sharma
Founder & CMO
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Aman Kumar
Founder & CTO
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Shreya Heda
Product Designer
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Prof. Alvaro Pascal
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Dr. Uma Millner
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Dr. Arun Sasidharan
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Dr. Himanshu Nirvan
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Shama Shah
Senior Psychologist
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Senior Psychologist
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Gaurav Chauhan
Fitness Expert

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